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Powertrac Powerlander/ Lanvingator Catchfors (A/T)

Powertrac Powerlander/ Lanvingator Catchfors (A/T)


Tyre Size         Description                                                                 Price

215/70R15C       POWERLANDER A/T 109/107                                     R1060

215R15C             POWERLANDER A/T 112/110S RBL                          R1400

LT235/75R15      POWERLANDER A/T 109SXL OWL                        R1210

P235/75R15       POWERLANDER A/T 104/101S/109S OWL            R1350

245/75R15C       POWERLANDER A/T 109/107S RBL                        R1570

31*10.50R15LT POWERLANDER A/T 109S OWL                                R1700

205R16C             POWERLANDER A/T 110/108S RBL                         R1280

P215/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 100T / 99T                               R1220

P225/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 101T/103T OWL                     R1190

LT225/75R16     POWERLANDER A/T 115/112S OWL                         R1440

LT235/85R16     POWERLANDER A/T 120/116S RBL                          R1970

P245/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 106T / 107T OWL                    R1340

LT245/75R16     POWERLANDER A/T 120/116S OWL                        R1710

P255/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 111T / 109T OWL                    R1440

P265/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 111T / 112T OWL                    R1690

LT265/75R16     POWERLANDER A/T 123/120S OWL                        R1830

P275/70R16       POWERLANDER A/T 114T OWL                                 R1590

LT285/75R16     POWERLANDER A/T 122/119S OWL                        R1890

LT245/75R17     POWERLANDER A/T 121/118S OWL                         R1940

P255/65R17       POWERLANDER A/T 110T OWL                                 R1540

P265/65R17       POWERLANDER A/T 112T OWL                                 R1700

P265/65R17       POWERLANDER A/T 110T                                           R1610

P265/70R17       POWERLANDER A/T  OWL 121/118S                       R1710

P275/65R17       POWERLANDER A/T 115T OWL                                 R1670


Four main zigzag grooves and rough lateral blocks provide excellent traction on all kinds of road conditions.

The open shoulder grooves prevent aquaplaning with enhanced wet grip performance and provide excellent water evacuation.

The block tread design with multiple-sipes provide outstanding off-road traction and reduce tread damage on off-road condition.

Jointless Nylon band and strong structure design provided the strong carcass to enhance the reliability and durability. Special tread compound and wide footprint enhance tread life and deliver excellent braking on wet and dry roads.

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Tyre Size

215/70R15C, 215/70R15C, 215R15C, P215/75R15, LT235/75R15, P235/75R15, 245/75R15C, 31*10.50R15LT, 205R16C, P215/70R16, P215/70R16, P225/70R16, LT225/75R16, P235/70R16, P235/70R16, LT235/85R16, P245/70R16, P245/70R16, P245/70R16, LT245/75R16, P255/70R16, P265/70R16, P265/70R16, P265/70R16, LT265/75R16, P275/70R16, LT285/75R16, LT245/75R17, P255/65R17, P265/65R17, P265/65R17, P265/70R17, LT265/70R17, P275/65R17

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